Application Timeline

This is for all the current PC applicants. I went crazy checking other PCV blogs looking for timelines so I thought it would only be fair to include mine.

March 31- Submit online application
April 12- Receive fingerprint form
April 22- Sent fingerprint form back
April 26- Toolkit update: they received my fingerprints
April 27- Heard from the recruiter scheduled my interview
May 26- Interview in VA
May 27- Nomination to Special Education program in Africa
May 28- Toolkit update: Got my legal clearance
June 4- Receive gigantic medical packet
June 18- Strapped even more gigantic medical packet to the top of my car and took it to be mailed
June 28- Toolkit update: Medical clearance
June 29- Inform OMS of my knee injury and put on Medical hold
June 30- Toolkit update: Medical hold :-(
July 22- Sent all my crazy knee injury paperwork. Overnighted it, but it was not processed.
July 23- Overnighted dental packet (I decided to have all my dental work done before sending in the packet instead of the other way around, it just seemed easier and felt like I was cutting my dentist a bread only having to fill out paperwork once). That packet they processed.
July 28- Toolkit update: Dental clearance
August 2- Faxed my knee injury papers.
August 5- Toolkit update: Medical hold lifted. Medical clearance!
August 12- E-mail from PO asking me to answer some questions so she can finish placement.
August 13- Invitation sent!!

Hope this helps other eager applicants and anyone else who cares to know every single step of my PC application process!!