Thursday, September 2, 2010

Full swing, fall down

I haven't updated in a while but there isn't too much going on in Peace Corps world other than I'm still waiting for my medical hold to be lifted. However, I've been trying to see more of the people I know I'm going to miss when I leave. At this point I'm full speed ahead on everything I'm doing i.e. packing for the PC, packing for the storage unit, working on invites and decorations and such for my Safari njema party before I leave!!
Yesterday I had my first ever real skateboarding lesson. It lasted about 8 minutes before I completely wiped out and got a gnarly scrape on my elbow... I've been telling people I was in a break dance competition in a parking lot because if I tell them I was skateboarding they look at me all crazy. I am proud to say I was up on the board for several seconds at a time so I was pretty impressed with myself. I'm fairly certain I would have continued but I think I got up too quickly and then almost passed out, it was hilarious fun and time well spent. I'd do it again in a heartbeat... but with more padding.
I also received my first Kenya letter from a great friend the other day. It was a dry run I suppose and before I got it I was so confused as to why I was getting it before my departure but it was great and I loved every word of it. I'm bringing it with me.
Speaking of what I'm bringing with me.... my pile of "things I need to bring with me" is dominating the left side of my closet and starting to ooze out the doors. Therefore, in the future there will be a post about deciding what to bring with me out of that mountain, plan your life accordingly.

Storage moving day: T minus 9 days! Status: Not Ready.
Thanks for reading!

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