Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chicken is what's for dinner

Why did the chicken cross the road?
The age old question, has more answers than you might thing. Having the opportunity to observe free range chickens in their natural habitat i've come up with the following reasons:
because there's corn over there
to escape an african mama with a knife and a hunger pang
to have relations with the chicken on the other side
because the dirt is always browner on the other side
because its chicks have wondered off and need to be rounded up

in short, chickens cross the road for pretty much the same reasons humans do.

Matatu Slalom
Someone once told me kenyan roads are shoddy. No one has ever been more right. Just since I arrived on this side of the country the condition of the roads has gone downhill fast. Now, matatus feel more like roller coasters since they're forced to swerve around potholes and giant pieces of road that are just inexplicably missing. I think we officially spend more time on the “shoulder” than the actual road.
While i'm talking about transportation, my favorite bus company got a new bus which is exciting until you realize: shocks not included. Speed bumps are kind of fun, but potholes are terrifying.

In other news:
This term is already almost over! We're working on making and printing exams this week and then testing next week. The following week we'll be there for about 3 days and then we're done! I can't believe how fast this one went by and I'm sure the next one will go by even faster!
Tis the season for visitors. I have someone coming in August and December which covers my next two breaks from school which is really exciting and gives me something to look forward to.
For the fourth of July i met up with some other PCVs in Kisumu and we took a boat ride on Lake Victoria and were lucky enough to spot a ton of hippos!!! Pictures to come on facebook!
Other than that, all is well here. Everyone is excited at the prospect of a new school and so am I!

Thanks for reading!

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