Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dry run

Today I made an attempt at a dry run for packing. At this point I have one bag that I am for sure going to use since it's gigantic and a duffle bag (I can't wait to see me carry it through multiple international airports but I don't need wheels adding to my weight limit). I think it's fair to say I got about half of my list into this duffle and it ended up weighing 25 lbs so I'm starting to feel more optimistic about getting what I think I will want/ need for the next 2 years into 2 bags equaling less than 107 inches and less than 80 lbs.

As far as things to do I've done an impressively good job of knocking stuff off that list. I finished all my passport paperwork so hopefully that will go through without a hitch. At the moment I'm working on my aspiration statement and resume to send to my host country since they don't know anything about how wonderful I am yet.

I've also ordered boat loads of stuff from a few different places so this week/ next week are going to be like Christmas and I can't wait!

On an exciting note... Happy Birthday to my Mom tomorrow! We went and rented jet skis today and it was wicked awesome. We arrived real early and were both apprehensive as neither of us have ever operated one before. They gave us a form to sign our life away and the back had a little quiz to give us our temporary "boater's license for the day" that's what the girl said. So right now, that's right ladies and gentleman (I assume) I am a licensed boater, I'll be basking in this special feeling until midnight (I assume that's when my contract becomes null and void).  Anyway, I think it was a great way to get both our minds off of the stresses of life. Neither of us crashed. Neither of us fell off. Neither of us injured anything. We're both proud.


  1. Kenya is an amazing place. I spent 10 months there prior to PC and loved all of them. Sounds like packing is going well. Sunscreen was a life-saver as the Kenyan sun is rather intense.

  2. Thanks for the tip!! I'm always glad to hear people's good stories about Kenya, it keeps me a bit more motivated! Sorry it took so long to comment, I just didn't know it was here. Slowly but surely I'm picking up this blogging thing. Thanks for the comment!