Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What to wear

If you've ever met me, you know I can stand in front of a full closet and tell you I have nothing to wear. If you know me well you know how exact my packing process is and that I match up all my outfits and try them on before packing. I have a dilemma. I have one more day off before work starts back up and about 2 1/2 weeks before I move all my worldly possessions into a giant concrete box. So at this point i'm asking myself, "Self, what will you wear between now and October 11th?" As you can imagine, no clothes have been packed into boxes yet. I've made progress on other things though and gone through quite a bit of junk/treasures depending on how you see it. Here are some interesting things I've found in no significant order:

1) My smashed penny collection from my childhood days
2) This really adorable blue box with Giraffes on it that makes me want to go to Africa right now
3) Some interesting newspaper articles that i've never seen before including one with a picture of my Dad teaching another legally blind individual how to water ski.
4)Way too many pictures/momentos of ex boyfriends
5) $20
6) my sanity... SYKE!
7) An entire ziploc bag full of cheap bangle bracelets. They were TOTALLY "in" about 7 years ago
8) A key to my first car that was totalled a few years ago
9) A marker from band camp
10) An itinerary from my trip to Canada in 8th grade

Anyway, in official Peace Corps news I sent off my resume and aspiration statement today so there's not much else to do now until I get more staging information and schedule a flight.

Thanks for reading! :-)


  1. Number four makes me laugh! I think we need to burn those before you leave?

    I remember those bracelets! The really thin metal ones that makes all these noises! love love LOVED those bracelets!

    :( band camp :( I pulled out my trumpet a few weeks ago and found my box of markers in there.

  2. Yes those exact bracelets, they drove everyone nuts because they were SO loud! I was talking to someone else from band recently and she also found her whole box of markers. I only found one. It was my number 5 marker. Thanks for the comment! It took me like a week to find it!