Tuesday, January 11, 2011

la la la la life goes on...

I'm running out of creative titles for my blog, don't worry, it won't stop me from blogging :-) Sorry.

So the days here are coming and going. This is the first real week of teaching, but we don't have any syllabi to use for planning and scheming so this week I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants just praying I have enough work to keep all my kids occupied all morning. I've developed a behavior chart that could be working better but basically if you have a smiley face above your name at the end of the day you get candy. 1 out of 4 kids got candy today. That's how my day went. They'll catch on... hopefully!

In other news i've done yoga 2 whole days in a row (I know... not really a streak, but gimme a break!) and I think it'll become a daily thing for me. Both days I walk back home and I'm so frustrated with either me or my kids or all of the above but yoga turned out to be a great stress reliever (go figure). I've also FINALLY started cooking for myself which is also making a world of difference. There's something nice about having complete control of what goes into your body... especially in a foreign (even though it's not so foreign to me anymore) country. ... with the exception of the chai and chipati that i'm required to have at tea time at school. If you refuse food here well.... you regret it, we'll just leave it at that.

So I guess i'll give a run down of my schedule since nothing earth shattering has happened since my last blog. I get up in the morning usually between 6:30 and 7:00 and take a bucket bath and usually have fruit for breakfast, grab my crap and head to school. I teach from 8:00- 12:35ish and then am done for the day since the little kids don't come back. .. and believe you me I need almost all that time to plan so i'm glad I have it. When I get back i've been doing yoga and planning a bit and then I decide what I want for dinner and walk to town and buy everything I need to make that happen. I come back and plan a little bit more then cook dinner and then spend the rest of the evening planning and scheming with a movie on in the background.

This is only the second night i've actually cooked. The first few nights I stuck to sandwiches out of laziness mostly. Last night I had spaghetti... the sauce came just short of being a total bomb but I ate it anyway. Live and learn. Tonight I had breakfast for dinner! I made a tomato egg white omelette and skillet potatoes with green pepper and onion. The best part is every single thing I ate at dinner was completely fresh. I feel a little bit limited because of the selection in our market... I seriously only found one woman today with peppers and some things I just can't get here... mango however, is not in that category. Sega is bursting with mangoes all the time. I don't know that i've ever actually had mango before Africa, but they taste great and i eat 1 pretty much everyday :-)

Anyway, hope all is going well in America, I hear some are getting hit by some pretty big snow. You're welcome to come here! It's 80 and sunny!

Also i'm planning on posting pictures or a video of my house but i'm waiting for my furniture (still).
Thanks for reading!!


  1. I read an article online yesterday that said 49 of the 50 states (including Hawaii!) currently has snow on the ground. Florida is the exception.

    Yoga is amazing, omg. It makes everything feel so much better - my body, my mind, my heart. My dad got me a giftcard to my favorite studio for Christmas 'cuz it's like $15 a class and I ain't got that kinda money.

    And doesn't cooking fresh food make a world of difference? I won't lie - on days when my students better resemble wild animals than human beings and my food supply is running low, I'm not above going to Giant and buying a frozen meal. Buying/cooking fresh makes me feel so much better, though.

    Love you and miss you!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cindy...I love Mango's and am jealous that you can get them. They are out of season right now but when they were in season I would eat a large one by myself in one sitting.