Sunday, January 30, 2011

Off the grid...

Hello to all! I have been off the grid for about 2 weeks since I lost my internet modem. I'm not sure how this is possible because it's not like I live in a mansion... but either way, the situation is rectified. I am in Kisumu for the weekend because one of the other volunteers had a birthday bash so I bought myself a new modem.
Coming to Kisumu is a special treat for me even though it is only 2 hours. I always end up spending too much money because the shopping here is great and the food is even better so that's where most of my money goes. So last night we went out dancing and now i'm hanging out on the roof of our hotel taking advantage of the free wi fi and waiting for the video of my house to upload so everyone can see where I live!! I know, it's so exciting!
So the last two weeks i've just been diving into teaching. I have 4 students and some days I really love them and some days... I really don't. Love em or not I can see that progress is being made so that is really what matters. I'm sure eventually we will all get used to each other but at the moment they are still testing the waters and pushing the limits (and my buttons).
Other than that things are pretty calm here but I guess I can take a minute to tell you about all the barnyard animals that live on the church compound with me. We have a few cows and one of them insists on eating right outside my window really early in the morning... it's a wonderful sound to hear as soon as you wake up. We also have geese which I don't mind. I think they are beautiful, kind of loud, but nice to look at. Before we just had one and it was white and just waddled around and minded its own business but now there's another one and it's gray and it hates me. It has chased me out of it's territory about 2 times. You'd think it wouldn't be scary since i'm bigger than this creature and could probably kick it to the moon, but i'm terrified to be honest.
Oh! In other news i'm getting indoor plumbing. I don't know when. There's not like a big sign at my site that says "RUNNING WATER COMING..." followed by a date. At the moment they are digging the borehole but it is still going to take quite a bit more work and quite a bit more money but i'll keep you posted. I'm so excited that I might one day be able to flush my toilet it blows my mind.
I think that's it in Cindy world. I'm adding a link at the bottom of the blog so you can see the video I took of my house. Enjoy! Thanks for reading as always!!!


  1. Glad to hear from Africa! Sounds like all is
    going pretty good. Thanks for the update. I
    wasn't able to get the link to highlight.

    Hello from Florida,
    Aunt Trudy

  2. Hey Aunt Trudy! Yea Mom said she had to highlight it and paste it into the address bar. The upload was kind of flaky since it's Africa. I got your card the other day! It was really gorgeous! Thanks for thinkin of me!