Monday, October 11, 2010

Snow pants in October

Well, less than 12 hours until I board my first flight towards the "hardest job i'll ever love." I'm surprisingly calm and haven't cried hardly at all which is shocking to me and pretty much everyone that knows me. It does feel good to be ready finally. I made 1 million trips to the surrounding bargain stores, several of the associates know me by name... or not but they know i'm the girl going to Kenya. I finished packing up my bedroom today, it's weird to see any empty room... and even weirder because I now have nothing to wear, so i'm chillin in my snow pants. :-)

I'm really excited to finally meet the other volunteers tomorrow, and not nervous at all anymore (or yet... i'll let you know)

So, i'm headed out at 7:15 tomorrow morning and meeting another PCT at the Philly airport to head to the hotel together. It'll be nice to know someone before I get to the hotel.

I'll do my best to update tomorrow. I'll try even harder to update while i'm in training but I make no promises.

Watching House and eating Oreos for the last time for 27 months.
Stay tuned..

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  1. Good luck, Cindy! We are all proud of you and looking forward to your posts and pics when you get there. Travel safe!! XOXO