Sunday, November 7, 2010

Found an internet cafe

Hello All!!!

I found an internet cafe and I thought what better to do than update my blog.

So I just returned from shadowing last week. It was an excellent experience, I stayed on the coast in Kilifi and got to see several different classes taught by several different teachers. We also had some excellent food and learned how to cook American in Kenya!! Yayy!! Big thrill of the week was having dinner on the Indian Ocean. What a view!!! As soon as I get to my site and figure out the internet situation I promise you will see loads of pictures from training these past few weeks.

Since I haven't talked about my site yet, i'll do that. It's a Unit within a hearing school with about 25ish Deaf kids. It's located in a small town called Sega that's located near Busia right next to Lake Victoria. I'll have a house with "running water and electricity" and it's on a Catholic school compound, and i'm pretty sure i'll have quite a bit of stuff within walking distance.

Not too much else going on, just excited to finish training and get to my site! Thanks to everyone who has sent/ been sending mail. I didn't get any the first time around but some was delivered while we were away so hopefully there'll be something tomorrow... that's a big thrill here. Hope all is going well in America and I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Happy belated Birthday Ashley!

Love to all


  1. Kilifi is amazing.. I only got to Mombasa but you could see it from the harbor so you got it up close and personal. Kenya is an amazing place! I was there in 2004 for a missionary stint and loved every minute of it. I have friends there I wish I could visit now that I am in South Africa but the tickets are not the cheapest.

    Unazumgumza Kiswahili?

  2. Great to hear from you Cinderella! I'm glad everything seems to be going well. We were sad that you missed our halloween party last night. :(
    The best part was watching us all look like idiots while trying to bite donuts on a string without using our hands. Comic gold. We have video & pictures. I check your blog about twice a week so keep posting! Abby is staying with us right now, and she says that she misses you and she will eventually get around to sending you a package. Bye!