Friday, November 19, 2010

A light at the end of the tunnel

So, it's Friday here... lunch time. It's the end of week 5 for us in training and I just took my practice language proficiency interview... they haven't told me yet how I did, but I take the real one on Tuesday. If I pass i'll move into a Kiswahili class next week, so cross your fingers!
Next week is Thanksgiving, which is hard to believe because it's so hot here, you'd never guess it's November. Anyway, a few of us from Deaf Ed are headed to Loitokitok to join the rest of our training group for the holiday. We're celebrating on Friday, so we'll spend the night there (we're camping!) and then head back on Saturday. After that, we only have about 2 weeks of training left!!!! We're all ready to swear in and get to our sites and start the real work.
So, things are still going well here, not too much to report. I GOT A BOX YESTERDAY!!! THANKS MOM!!!! I seriously almost peed myself when I saw the Old Bay! We had another mail call today and I got quite a bit which was really really exciting so keep it coming!!! It's what we all look forward to. I guess this entry isn't too terribly exciting but just wanted to update and let everyone know i'm alive and doing well!
Love to all!! Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!