Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The real deal

Hello to all! I took my first real LPI today... we won't get the scores until tomorrow or possibly the day after or possibly (knowing PC) the day after that. Hopefully I passed, but I know I used more ASL than I should have. yikes!
Beyond that, all is still going well here! This week is Thanksgiving but before that we have several other tests on basic life skills like lighting lanterns and jikos and washing clothes and such, should be easy... but I don't want to jinx myself! Once I come back from Loitokitok after Thanksgiving we'll have only 2 weeks left before we go to Nairobi to swear in!!!!!! I think everyone here is counting down the days just to be alone in our own place if only to eat whatever we want, whenever we want.
Sorry, I pre-wrote a blog in a notebook that I forgot to  bring with me, but the topic was weird stuff that happens in Kenya so through the course of sitting at this internet cafe hopefully I can remember most of it. Here's the list, it will be added to over the next 2 years i'm sure!

Kenyans will drive on through or over almost anything
We bring toilet paper with us everywhere, no matter what. It's the first thing I pack in the morning
When flip flops break they're like blown out tires, just left, broken, on the side of the road.

Sorry, I could only remember those 3. I'll try to bring the whole list next time! Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey Cuz just wanted to say that we all miss you very much and hope you have a great turkey day. I still have not started working yet but im very optimistic with any luck after the new year. Glad to here you are doing well and looking forward to bigger and better things in your near future. Me and Lizz are going to Ma for thanksgiving then on black friday were going to a Bruins game and the to her 5 yr HS reunion.
    Love Chuck and Lizz