Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A quick update!

Hello all! It's been over a week since I posted I know! I'm sorry. I'm probably just going to list out how things are going since I'm limited on time today, but I really want to let people know what's going on!

So Thanksgiving was great, we went to Loitokitok and saw the other part of our group which was great! We camped there at their hub location and it poured rain so all my stuff got wet including my camera.... which now is pretty much not functional which is a bummer but hopefully I can buy a new one in Nairobi at swear in. We'll see. We lucked out and got a ride with the pc vehicle on the way there so we only had to pay for the camping and return trip!!!

We started mock school this week. The kids are on break but some of them volunteered to stay behind so we could pretend to be real teachers and actually teach stuff so everyday we've been teaching 2 lessons a day to different levels of classes on different topics. So far i'm finding English to be the hardest to teach and the books here are almost impossible to lesson plan out of, but i'm really enjoying myself and I feel like the kids are really learning something. I challenge myself every class to make sure I have something interactive and something visual. Tomorrow i'm teaching a lesson on personal finance and am thinking about setting up stations where they will spend money and figure out how to budget. we'll see how that goes. Today I did a lesson on Tourism and it's effect on Kenya's economy and they seemed to grasp everything. We also have current volunteers here observing and they've been giving really helpful feedback.

Last night we did taco night at myhouse. I would call it a successful disaster.... tacos were eaten, they didn't taste that great but they weren't awful either. I made baked pineapple, it didn't set properly but it was delicous anyway.

Sorry the typing is awful, this keyboard is ridiculous.

Anyway, all is well here, we have exactly 2 weeks until swear in and i'm going strong, if I can make it through taco night, I can make it through anything.

If you\re still sending mail, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, there is alot I think that isn't making it here so... what we get is already limited sometimes. And to the group that I just found out sent a box THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It is MUCH appreciated.

And to the people that are still reading this ridiculous blog, THANK YOU for your continued support, the blogs will get better when I have more time to write them before hand, I promise! Happy December everyone!

Thanks for reading! Stay warm!


  1. I can't wait for you to see what is IN the box!! :D love ya! -amy

  2. I'm so proud of my little teacher!! Sending all my love from NYC :)

  3. Love hearing from you, Cindy. Thanks giving was great here..nice to get 5 days off and we had 25 for dinner. Abit colder here than there but Bridget was cold cuz she is used to the n"awlins weather. Are you teaching in sign language? I am guessing youare. Wow, that is cool! It has got to be very rewarding too. Tacos are certainly ubiquitous! Bridget goes to a free taco-tuesday every week tthat is free for all the volunters in the NOLA area. There was a fight at school today and blood was actuallt running down the wall as well as all over the floor..nice, huh?

    Well take care of yourself and best of luck with the teaching and the language.
    ;-) Marne

  4. The Berlins are still reading Kiddo! Could you do me one big favor and bring back a Dinosaur when you come home? Nothing too dangerous. Maybe a Brontosaurus pup.